I recently completed a multi-day women’s circle with Moon on Zoom. I was struck by her compassionate facilitation skills and her ability to create a safe, nurturing space for topics that hold depth and emotional intensity. Moon brings her full self into her therapeutic work. She is non-judgmental, spontaneous and kind. She responds to her client’s needs in the moment and adapts according to what feels important in the now. Not only is Moon an incredible facilitator, her breadth of knowledge in the realm of meditative practices and breathwork is also vast. I highly recommend Moon’s circles and one on one coaching. She stands out as one of the most light-hearted and PRESENT facilitators I have worked with. Thank you, Moon!”


titiana Shostak-Kinker, St John, rock climber, outdoor educator, massage therapist, dancer, astrologer

“I feel incredibly blessed to be part of a group with Moon. The safe, containing and trusting space she offers allows for such deep healing work, which is met with compassion and holding. Within the group I feel that I can go to the deepest parts of me and be met there, wherever I am at. That is a true gift. Thank you Moon.” 


Nicola From UK

Presence truly heals. 


I survived the darkest of times because Moon walked alongside me. 


Presence truly heals. 


I am now thriving alongside dis-ease because Moon showed me how to be with myself. Whole and complete. Just as I am. 


Presence truly heals.”



“I’ve worked with countless clinicians and healers and providers over a twenty year struggle with chronic health issues, and I can say that Moon is the most calming and grounded and present healer I’ve had the honor of working with. She’s wise beyond her years, profoundly articulate, and exceptionally smart. She’s so flexible and creative and playful in her EFT work, making even hard, painful material, easier to work with. You just feel like you’re being deeply seen, and your wholeness is being held by Moon. Working with her calms my nervous system and gives me hope. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” 


Kyle f, from Jamaica Plain, writer, redesigner, lover of all the dogs

Thank you for facilitating this Moon. 

It was joyous and healing to connect this evening. You have a wonderful way of creating a space of love where magic can happen, helping all of us all to share our gratitude and hope for the planet we live on and the people we live on it with. Joining together in this work isn’t work: it’s what we were put on this earth to do – acting together, as one, in humility and trust. “


Heather from UK, Grandmother, healer, gardener, crafter

I am so grateful to have been part of Moon’s tapping group, Moon on Mondays, which she began as the whole world shut down with the spread of Covid 19. Each week I looked forward to her calming energy as she created a safe space for us all to share feelings and tap together. 

Moon, an earthy, exquisite, feminine force of pure grace, is an incredibly skillful healer who has inspired me in my own tapping work. I highly recommend working with her.” 


Kathleena, A makeup/hair artist & self image coach who loves cooking, singing, doing yoga with her cats and who has successfully completed 80 free fall sky dives

“I have been performing as an Amy Winehouse tribute act for over 8 years, both in the UK and Europe. During this period I enjoyed great experiences but also endured some negative reactions from drunken audience members. These encounters knocked my confidence and over time discouraged me from wanting to continue.

I had stage fright which affected both my vocals and my ability to engage the crowd. My performances had become very ‘hit and miss’. I felt I had little control over whether I would sing well or poorly.

Each EFT session with Moon helped me to uncover really valuable insights about myself in relation to these issues. I noticed significant and lasting improvements after each session. Moon really put me at ease, she has a wonderful nature and is very calm and joyful to be around. Moon has the ability to ask ‘the right’ questions, which help unlock the heart of the matter. I have studied EFT myself but I believe it would have taken me many months to achieve the breakthroughs that occurred in just a few sessions with Moon. 

My enthusiasm for the act has  been renewed and I am enjoying performing again. I no longer have to worry about how my voice will sound on each occasion. I am also happy to go into the crowd and joke with people.”


deborah p from west midlands uk, 39 years old

I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately. I was recently telling a friend about my journey over the last 2+ years. When it came to the part about the ceremony I had at my grandfather’s grave, your name came up. I mean, how could it not?! The way you reflected back and reveled in my success made the impact of what I’d done actually sink deep into my bones and my psyche. You made the impact of that completion ceremony real for me, you made it lasting. What an incredible gift. And that’s how it was the whole time we worked together. I am still surprised by your adeptness at meeting me where I was, tracking me, holding space, slowing me down as needed, advocating for me, laughing with me, listening to me, seeing me, and celebrating me. You have incredible super powers Moon, and I feel so grateful that I had (have) you in my life to support me. 


I am in SUCH A GREAT place right now. I am loving myself and owning my worth, value, power and beauty more than ever before. I am also having a lot of fun. And I am committed to taking myself and all in my orbit even higher. I don’t think any of this would have been possible without you! So from deep in my heart I thank you.”


CS From Cali ~ Environmental scientist


“The first EFT session with you left me feeling quite surprised at how vulnerable I felt with the things that came up and yet I felt safe to reveal to you.  It was very self validating and felt like an act of self love to say the things I did to myself.  Each session left me with the same physical feeling I get when I swim in the ocean – it’s a meditative feeling to tap repetitively and I can only relate it to the feeling I get when the waves glide over your body when you are swimming in open water.  It’s like your aware of it but not aware. Until you are done. After the sessions were done, each place I tapped on felt tingling and alive – kind of like when you step onto the beach and you realize your face is stinging from the coldness and your body is still rocking from the waves even though you’re standing on the beach.  That’s when you realize that the ocean did something to your body as well as your inner being.  There’s a sense of nurturing and a peace humming inside.  That’s what EFT feels like to me and I think most especially because it was a gift given to me by you!  Thank you! 


As a witness to the EFT you did with my daughter – I definitely can say that it not only visibly put her in a relaxed state of being, but I honestly believe that it contributed largely to her separation anxiety lessening.  She may not have the words at 8, but I think she felt very almost relieved to talk about her fear of being away from me and definitely reassured and even empowered that she could give herself a message to reassure herself!  I think it helped her to separate her anxiety from herself and not let it possess her..”


Elisha B. from Maine, mother of 2, nurse, gardener



I had heard of EFT before but had never tried it and I thought I would give it a shot. I have now had multiple sessions with Moon and here is what I have to say. It is simply magical how something so simple can reveal such depths and unburden so many layers. Each session has been an adventure into some of my oldest dis-empowering narratives and Moon is a capable and compassionate guide. She asks skillful questions and listens intently and remains patient and generous as she walks by my side in this journey. It is clear that Moon draws from a deep well of personal wisdom and experience and it makes all the difference when the person listening and guiding understands where I’m coming from and can truly share in that experience. I look forward to more journeys with Moon and discovering treasures hidden within!”



“Moon has a gift in uncovering the underlying lessons, emotions and stories that need to surface.  Through humor, attentive listening and powerful insight, she has helped me deal more effectively with issues both old and new. In my first session with her we discussed past feelings about fertility treatments and within two weeks of our work together I conceived my 2nd child!  I feel that working together helped clear the path to a natural conception.”


AK FROM FLA, Mama of 2, yoga teacher, artist

“I was skeptical of the effectiveness of EFT when I was encouraged by a friend to try it. As I went through it, tapping on various points on my body while I repeated a phrase suggested by Moon, my skepticism was heightened at first.  But as she guided me through the steps, I gained insight and heightened awareness of a possible root cause of my problem.  Most importantly, now months later my problem remains much improved .”


Nick M FROm Arizona




“It has been absolutely wonderful working with Moon. She is an extremely insightful, intuitive and caring practitioner. I felt relaxed, supported and held throughout our sessions and this was down to Moon’s manner of interacting with me. She is a very compassionate person. The impact on my life has been unbelievable. After having a phobia of flies for many years which I thought couldn’t possible be dealt with, I now have no negative reaction when I see or think of flies! Through careful questioning and encouragement from Moon I was able to identify some experiences in my childhood that had caused my phobia. All I can say is a big thank you to Moon, I am humbled to have worked with her.”


PM FRom uk, Teacher, Seamstress, dog lover, healed from chronic illness



“Moon is an excellent listener, highly intuitive and perceptive about complex issues, very knowledgeable regarding mind and body health, compassionate, and thorough in her approach. She brings to her work a wealth of experience in the world of holistic health, spiritual practice, and personal growth, as well as creativity and humor. EFT is her current vehicle, but when you work with Moon, you get so much more than an EFT practitioner. She is a natural healer.”    LS – Social Worker and Psychotherapist, CA  


LS from ca, Social worker and psychotherapist

“Moon, you were calming for the parts that needed soothing. And you were encouraging for the parts that needed to rise and shine. I felt like you were quick to listen to my heart and hear what I truly meant.”


AS, from Istanbul,Turkey, Acupuncturist


“I really enjoyed my EFT session with Moon.  She did a great job balancing following my lead with her own clear and intuitive direction throughout the session.  She was very thorough and I felt that we really got to the heart of the issues I was working on.  She is kind and patient and deeply trustworthy.  After the session I felt relaxed and positive.  I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to work with EFT.


C From MA, musician

“Tapping is a valuable tool for many many situations and there are an array of practitioners available. The opportunity to work with Moon Teitel combines the training of a certified practitioner and a highly experienced and gifted healer. 

Working with Moon provided me an opportunity to  investigate my responses in certain situations and consider their origins. Most importantly it gave me tools to quell those responses so that I have the freedom to choose. “


kM FROm Arizona, protector of Children, mother of many

“I experienced a significant shift while working with Moon during a video EFT session. I mentioned a spiritual phrase that had been helpful recently. We worked together with that phrase and it felt like it really sunk in and was integrated in a deeper way as a result of the session. It’s a short phrase I now use frequently throughout my days. Moon has an astute, focused, friendly, kind, gentle, and present presence that was very reassuring. I can confidently highly recommend her!!”


Malia from CA, social worker, 20 years living with MS

“I was delighted when Moon suggested we work together on EFT.  We did this by phone and so she sent me diagrams in advance, which showed technique and tapping points. She was so open and accessible in sharing her modifications that I was put at ease. Her ability to really be present, to listen with her whole being seems to me to be the key as that opens up a whole field of exploration, a field of mutual discovery. I am forever grateful for those generous moments, some poignant and some just outright comic! Moon is a healer and that comes through her in whatever modality she chooses. Lucky clients!”


A from arizona, writer and educator