emotional freedom techniques


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping is often referred to as emotional acupuncture. It is a very simple and effective technique in which you tap on nine points on your body and face while I lead you through a journey into aspects for your healing. If you are experiencing any emotional, physical, or mental stressors, tapping brings support, healing and insight to the underlying energetic disturbance.


EFT can be done very effectively either in person or from a distance over phone or videoconference. After a few sessions, you will have the tools to bring tapping into your life as a tool for self-regulation. 


You come with an intention, ailment or a need, and together we dive into it and explore the sea of your beingness. This is a very powerful process of setting an intention, releasing it and seeing what unfolds. We will start with what the conscious mind brings to the session, but this content is merely the doorway into the subconscious mind. Tapping accesses the different rivers of energy in our body mind continuum and whatever blocks are there surface as we go and bring us to the next place resulting in healing. Through EFT you may uncover something you already know but are connecting to in a different way, or you may discover something you were previously unaware of and find surprising.


Tapping goes straight to the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain and downregulates it, making shifts in the brain and body quite quickly. Through the journey and method of tapping, EFT brings joy, healing, insight and deep peace. 




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is eft for Me? 


If you want to delve into the creative mystery of your being to emerge with healing and perspective on any aspect of your life, I would be honored to support you.


Do you want to do deep authentic work?

Do you need help

  • healing old wounds and limiting beliefs that are impacting your life today? 
  • clearing away hurts from the past that prevent you from living a rich and fulfilling life in the present?
  • preparing yourself for an exciting life change such as a wedding, a move or a pregnancy?
  • making sense of a confusing, painful or destabilizing spiritual experience?
  • navigating and coping with a chronic illness?
  • clearing a phobia that severely limits how you are living your life?
  • with an injury that doesn’t seem to heal despite all the best medical treatments?
  • working through huge life transitions such as divorce or death of a loved one?
  • working with a challenging family or work situation?