Holding space for healing 

Sometimes we get sick, and then we get better. But sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we struggle to find the deep healing we need to recover from illness or trauma. I love working with people who are facing this struggle, who have tried and tried again to find the right method,  practitioner or healing modality but haven’t made much progress.


I accept and recognize that life has suffering and it’s complicated. I don’t think illness is anyone’s fault. I don’t think suffering is anyone’s fault. I know there are times when things are difficult, when no matter what you do, things don’t change. I accept the struggle and the suffering and I don’t push to change it. I acknowledge challenge and I have no preconceived ideas about your healing journey. 


I listen for the healing, I hold space for the healing and I wait for the healing. I engage your subconscious, and I invite the magic and wisdom of your being to express through our work. I offer deep healing, settling and integration practices to you.


I truly have no agenda and this allows for deep relaxation. I will not judge or shame your dark parts and shadows; I am curious about them. I am curious about the protector parts that stop you from doing anything healthful or life affirming. And I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid of the darkness or the shadow.



EFT through divorce

A colleague recently asked me if EFT is beneficial while going through a divorce.  He knows it is helpful for clearing past events, but he isn’t clear on how to approach EFT for  someone still in the midst of the divorce process.

Here is my response to him:


Yes, definitely! EFT can powerfully reduce the trauma of a current experience and clear the layers while it is happening. Indeed, part of the definition of trauma is that it is isolating. When you receive healing support during a challenging time, it may not even be experienced as trauma, or at least not in the same way. 


Divorce and other painful experiences often stimulate old wounds that are in need of healing along with the current and fresh wounds. EFT is very helpful in bringing healing and release to the pain of the situation. Of course, EFT is unlikely to change the outer circumstance, but it will support you to traverse the experience in a way that is deeply life-changing and empowering. 


That being said, having been through divorce myself, it can be incredibly sad and painful and while EFT did not take that away, it is my observation that grief has its own journey and timeline through each of us, it was a powerful support to me as I went through it.