Wellness Consultations



I am a Community Herbalist and I love to support and empower people to connect with plants and natural remedies for healing. I am an experienced patient advocate, practitioner and consultant with many years’ experience working with natural remedies with myself, my family and my community.


I help people navigate their healing journey through complex mysterious illnesses and also through more common ailments. If you are overwhelmed with information and don’t know what to do next, I can help. I will partner with you on your thinking, on your options and help you move through your stuck places. In addition to providing support as a Community Herbalist, I have traversed this territory myself and can share personal experience, insights, perspective and resources.


When life becomes overwhelming, it is difficult to process all of the information and it is very helpful to have someone with a clear mind who can sit with you in the middle of all the complexity and difficulty and help you sort through your options and make your next step. I will help you to sift through complex and difficult choices and articulate questions for clarity of treatment going forward. I understand what you are going through and I want to share what I have learned to make your journey easier.








Is a Wellness Consultation for Me? 

If hope should start to run thin and you need support but don’t know where to turn, I would be honored to support you.

Do you want to deepen your connection with or create natural healing plans and options for yourself and your family?

Do you need help

  • preparing for a doctor’s appointment?
  • learning how to pay attention to your symptoms?
  • organizing your mind and staying focused on your underlying concerns?
  • working with contradictory information about your health?   
  • strengthening your capacity to work with difficult doctors or practitioners; those with a helpful but very narrow perspective on your situation or those you really dislike or who treat you poorly but offer important treatment options or knowledge helpful to your situation?