is a pregnancy, birth, Or postpartum Consultation for Me? 

In the wondrous, exciting and sometimes stressful time of preparing your body, mind, relationships and home for your baby, I would be honored to support you.

Are you preparing for conception, pregnant already, or with a new little one?

Do you want support 

  • in learning knowledge, tools and practices for connecting with and understanding the tempo and needs of your new inside growing baby?
  • in preparing your body and mind for birth?
  • in preparing your birth plan?
  • in deepening your connection with your partner as you prepare for the arrival of your new little one?
  • in using concrete tools to navigate the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period?



Pregnancy, Birth, and postpartum Support and doula care

Many years ago, I read a quote from biologist Joseph Chilton Pierce that went something like this “The most revolutionary powerful act we can engage in for the future of humanity is to support and care for a pregnant woman”. And continuing on into that is care for babies growing inside and babies outside from 0 to 2. Of course, providing care and support for all human beings, all sentient creatures actually, is a radical act of compassion and very important. Joseph Chilton Pierce is highlighting this phase of life because of the templates laid down that influence one’s entire life. That quote, which I read during my cranial training sent me off on a journey of exploration, study and practice into support for pregnancy, birth and the postpartum time. For many years I have been deeply immersed in this work. I completed my doula training with midwife Michelle L’Esperance of Warm Welcome Birth Services and am currently finishing up my certifications in both birth and postpartum doula work. I am also working towards a certification in pre and perinatal psychology. At this time, I have supported and attended two births and supported many parents in preparing for and beginning their families. The first birth I attended was 3 days and the second was 4 days and 4 nights. So, although I haven’t attended many births, I have spent a lot of time in labor land supporting moms, dads and babies. And I have facilitated many sessions helping parents prepare for their families, connect with their growing little ones and support their new babies. 


 I provide pregnancy support, including helping expecting mothers and their partners connect with their babies, connect with each other and themselves, their fears and aspirations for birth and parenting and beyond.  In addition to caring for expecting mothers, I also provide birth and postpartum doula care and support, helping parents plan and prepare for the birth process and understand the tempo and experience of their little ones so that this precious and potent time receives as much support as possible.


You want to give everything to your unborn child and I can help you create and nurture this emotional connection to support healthy development. Studies have shown that pregnant women who are supported to connect with their unborn babies throughout the day during pregnancy have babies with much higher developmental markers than babies who were not connected with before birth. And I believe that we can reinforce this by continuing to provide this support and connection for parents and their developing babies during and after birth as well.