If you are near Saratoga Springs, New York, you are welcome to see me in my person. Otherwise we will meet via phone or Zoom (Zoom is like Skype, only more stable with better picture quality). I find we can work as effectively by phone or Zoom as we can in person. I have many clients who prefer the phone to videoconferencing as they find it allows them to drop deeper when they don’t have to be engaged through their eyes. Other clients prefer Zoom as they like to be able to see me and for me to see them. I am happy to work with your preference because consultations and EFT are equally effective in all venues. If you decide to do a phone session for EFT, I will send you a handout with the tapping points ahead of time so that you can view the points as we go.

The wonderful thing about being able to work together from a distance is that it allows for connections with people from all over the world!



Sessions are about 75 minutes; but I recommend setting aside 90 minutes so that you have some time for a gentle transition from the session back into your day. When possible, I recommend that people sign up for a series of three or five sessions to give us the opportunity to deepen into your healing. Also though, many people who have a very distinct intention – such as clearing a phobia, preparing for a stressful situation, needing extra support on a difficult week – schedule for just one session to address that particular need and that is just fine. The unfolding of the work could very well be that it is accomplished in one session, although there are times where the depth and intricacy of a certain block or situation requires additional work, which we could do together in a series of sessions or you could continue with on your own.



I accept payment by check in USD, Venmo, or Paypal. When you schedule an appointment, please let me know your preferred method of payment. I will send you my address for payment by check, or my Venmo account information, or my special link for PayPal (where you can use your PayPal account or credit card for payment)

Payment is due the day of your session; if you are paying by check, mailing a check the day of your session will be great. 



Please email me: moon@presenceheals.comto schedule an appointment or with any questions.

Or call me: 503.673.8374